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Shiitake: Trendiest Supplement for Healthy Hair & Skin

Shiitake: Trendiest Supplement for Healthy Hair & Skin

We cannot stop ourselves from growing old 10-20 years later. But we can slow down the ageing process by sticking to good habits such as exercising, eating nutritious food like Shiitake mushroom and broccoli, and taking proper rest or sleep. Though it is not easy to adopt all the good habits while leading a busy and hectic life, we must pick at least a few.

Our Hair, Skin, and Nails are made mostly of protein. These proteins include collagen, keratin, and elastin which help minimise wrinkles and improve skin elasticity & hair strength. Protein-rich and biotin-packed foods work as a boon for the wellness of hair & skin.

Superfoods you can rely on for Protein, Especially Collagen Support

There are foods called superfoods due to the richness of essential nutrients, and bioactive & collagen supporting compounds. These superfoods may include:

Avocados: These are loaded with good quality fats and may help boost your skin & hair health

Walnuts: Loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, walnuts are considered one of the best superfoods that help increase the elasticity and strength of your hair & skin

Broccoli: Broccoli can become a part of your daily salad (must be stir-fried or steamed) because it contains many essential vitamins and minerals that are very important for your skin, hair, and immunity.

Shiitake, the most Advanced & Nutritious Superfood for Hair & Skin

Shiitake mushroom leaves all the superfoods behind when offering hair & skin-friendly vitamins and nutrients. It contains the highest amount of natural copper, which is very important for collagen production and contributes as a primary factor in maintaining skin elasticity and youthfulness. The collagen production reduces as we grow older, and our skin starts losing its firmness and causes wrinkles.

It is where the power of the Shiitake mushroom kicks in with the natural production of collagen for maintaining your skin health.

Shiitake is a good source of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin d, selenium, and copper, which may act as a saviour for dull and slow-growing hairs. Regular consumption of Shiitake mushroom extract can become a perfect remedy for the people facing hair problems like grey hair, hair loss, and excessive dandruff (dry or wet flakes)

Shiitake is Anti-inflammatory

Long-term inflammation may lead to various health problems like ageing faster, slow metabolism, and roughness in skin & hair. Shiitake mushroomโ€™s power-packed properties of bio compounds, vitamins, and minerals like selenium help your body get rid of inflammation, resulting in reducing Acne and getting stronger hair.

Rooted Active Naturalsโ€™ premium Shiitake mushroom extract is sourced from organic farms and loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, essential vitamins, and minerals. Its primary benefits include stronger immunity, improved skin & hair health, and maintained bp & cholesterol levels.
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