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Amazing & Proven Health Benefits Of Beetroot

Amazing & Proven Health Benefits Of Beetroot

Amazing & Proven Health Benefits Of Beetroot

Beetroot - This richly red-pigmented vegetable has a long history dating back to the prehistoric era, when the sea beetroot, a wild relative, thrived along the Mediterranean Sea's coastlines. The Romans were the first to cultivate it for its root after the ancient Greeks identified it as a culinary and medicinal herb.

The beetroot, which is frequently overlooked in favour of more exotic "superfoods," has a lot going for it, thanks to its high nitrate level and plenty of nutrients, including those that give beets their characteristic colour.

Are you curious to know more about the health benefits of beetroot? If yes, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we have listed down the various beetroot benefits for individuals and what happens if you eat beetroot everyday. Keep on reading to gain interesting insights. 

Health Benefits Of Beetroot

The red root vegetable is widely known for its immense benefits. Having potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural and rich source of nitric oxide (NO). This quality of beetroot helps prevent and manage several serious illnesses including heart and brain diseases, that are brought on by a lack of NO. Listed below are some of the major health benefits of beetroot:

beetroot benefits
  • Helps In Reducing Blood Pressure

Your blood vessels and heart are at high risk due to increased blood pressure. By including fruits and vegetables abundant in nitrates in your diet, you can increase the formation of nitric oxide in your body, which in turn helps regulate blood pressure. The abundance of nitric oxide in the beetroot helps in dilating and relaxing blood vessels, thus reducing the chances of heart stroke. (1)

  • Improves Athletic Performance

Beetroots are a superfood for athletes. Along with helping them improve performance, beetroot powder benefits in promoting recovery due to the presence of nitrates. The nitrates in beetroot serve to increase oxygen delivery to the muscle cells while they are at rest, which promotes faster muscle recovery. (2)

  • Improves Digestive Health 

One of the most abundant sources of glutamine, an amino acid vital to the well-being and upkeep of our stomach, is beetroot. Additionally, being high in fibre, the beetroot powder benefits in supporting bowel movements as well as the environment in the gut and the healthy bacteria that live there. (3)

  • Supports Liver Functioning

Our liver does a lot for us. It works constantly to eliminate toxins that are harmful and produces bile that aids in the digestion of fats. Additionally, it disintegrates hormones, conserves vital vitamins and minerals, and aids in the synthesis of energy. Consequently, every other system in our body will suffer if our liver is facing trouble. 

Beetroot compounds have been demonstrated to boost the liver's ability to remove and neutralise toxic toxins from the body, while also assisting in the prevention of liver damage. (4)

  • Very Rich Nutrient Profile 

This earthy-flavoured vegetable has a great nutritional profile and is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Extremely high levels of folate can be found in both the roots and the leaves. A vital component of our immunological and nervous systems, folate is also required to enable the growth and repair of our cells. 

Manganese which supports antioxidant activity in the body and is essential for the development of bones, is found in abundance in beetroot. (5)

Being rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, beetroot's benefits for the skin are immense. It helps reduce the skin damage caused by free radicals, thus giving you a healthy and radiant glow.

By now, you must have got a hold of various surprising health benefits of beetroot. However, it might be a little challenging task to include them in your daily routine, seeing the busy lifestyles. Hence, we at Rooted Actives, bring you an instant drink mix - Power Beets infused with the super power of Beetroots. The delicious beetroot super drink is infused with the richness of L arginine, L carnitine, BCAA & resveratrol. This beetroot instant drink mix powder helps in improving heart health, endurance and blood flow. Free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, the drink is 100% vegan in nature and keto-friendly. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Health Benefits Of Beetroot

Is it OK to eat beetroot every day?

Eating a small amount of beetroot on an everyday basis does no harm to your body. However, high intake must be avoided as it may lead to red or black urination, digestive problems or low blood pressure. 

What does beetroot do to your body?

While exercising, beetroot and its juice can improve the functioning of your heart and lungs. Your muscles receive more blood flow thanks to the nitric oxide present in them. Folate, a vitamin B9 found in abundance in beets, aids in cell growth and function.

Who should not take beetroot?

Beetroot juice should not be consumed by people with low metabolic rates since it may alter urination and result in beeturia. 

How much beetroot per day is safe?

Beets contain oxalates, which can raise uric acid levels. Consuming too much beets can cause gout. Limit the amount of beets you eat each day to no more than one serving of half a cup.

Is beetroot good for the kidneys?

Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, beetroot assists kidney cells in defending themselves from oxidative stress and inflammation. However, because beetroot also contains a lot of potassium, kidney patients should not consume them.


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