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Chaga Mushroom Is The King For A Reason

Chaga Mushroom Is The King For A Reason

Chaga is known for its immune-modulating and antioxidant properties, as well as its ability to help the body naturally adapt to stress by regulating imbalances and supporting adrenal function, all of which live up to its name, “the king of mushrooms.”

Chaga mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) is finally getting the attention they deserve, owing to their possibly beneficial properties. These superfood mushrooms are springing up everywhere, from Chaga coffee to Chaga tea to fancy new Chaga pills.

You might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Is it true that mushrooms have that much of an impact on your health? Yes, they certainly can.

What are the origins of Chaga mushrooms?

Chaga prefers frigid areas in the northern hemisphere, such as Siberia, Russia, Scandinavia, Canada, and sections of north America and the united states. They are primarily found on birch trees and can live for 10 to 20 years before forming a hard mass, or conk, attached to the tree.

Although the conk of these mushrooms resembles burnt charcoal clinging to the tree trunk, the health advantages of their fruiting body more than compensate for their lack of beauty.

Chaga mushrooms have a long history.

Chaga mushrooms have been employed in traditional herbalism and folk medicine in Russia and northern Europe for hundreds of years. In truth, Chaga is an old Russian term that means “mushroom.”

It’s even been suggested that the usage of Chaga as a medicinal mushroom date back to the roman era when the Romans imported birch from Europe.

It was typically made by shredding the Chaga mushroom to a fine Chaga powder and then brewing it as an herbal tea and coffee.

6 health benefits of Chaga mushrooms:
  • Supports the immune system
  • Aids in the development of a healthy anti-inflammatory response
  • Supports the health of the heart
  • Helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level
  • Aids in the development of a healthy stress response
  • Antioxidants are abundant
The Chaga mushroom must be respected; it does not have an easy life. Can you picture being tethered to a tree for years in the frigid cold, just trying to stay alive? Plants, much like humans, require a strong immune system to protect their own existence. The benefit to you is that they accumulate biological compounds that can improve not only their life but also yours!

Few health-promoting constituents found in Chaga:
  • Beta-glucans
  • Antioxidants
  • Melanin
  • Triterpenes
  • Polyphenols  
The Chaga mushroom is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods on the earth, with numerous health advantages. The superfood mushroom may help with immunological function, heart health, blood sugar control, energy, and other things.

The Chaga powder can be consumed in a variety of forms, including tea, coffee, and supplements. But one of the best ways to intake is through rooted active’s mushroom coffee, which has all the goodness of Chaga mushroom and the exact rich taste of coffee.
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