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Get the Best Quality Ashwagandha Powder Extract: 5 Important Buying Tips

Get the Best Quality Ashwagandha Powder Extract: 5 Important Buying Tips

Getting the pure and the best Ashwagandha powder is not easy as buying regular health tonics or drinks. It takes a lot of time and research to authenticate the right Ashwagandha extract product. The market is flooded with varieties of brands that are offering both the cheapest and the premium quality Ashwagandha products.

According to a report, Ashwagandha reached the highest level of popularity, leaving all other ayurvedic herbs and remedies behind. It has become popular amongst millions of health-conscious persons across the world due to its various health benefits.  With the awareness of the Ashwagandha powder benefits spread, the demand for pure and the best quality Ashwagandha extract has been increased.

The right selection of this supreme herb may offer outstanding health benefits like relief from stress and anxiety, increased muscle strength, and boosted fertility & testosterone levels in men.

Take these 4-important tips into consideration before buying Ashwagandha extract:

  • Ashwagandha must be root extract

You must avoid the retailer or the brand that is selling Ashwagandha plant leaf extract instead of the root. Traditionally, Ashwagandha’s core benefits are hidden inside its root and one must prefer the same when buying Ashwagandha powder products. All reputed textbooks, pharmaceutical regulations in India, the USA, Britain, and specialized health agencies like who, suggest the use of Ashwagandha root extract, not the leaf and stem parts of Ashwagandha.

  • Scientific authentication

Consumers have become smart and they look for solid validation or authentication from a reputed regulatory or government body before buying a health supplement. Customers’ research should include vast research on ingredients and the results and claims must be mentioned on the label of the product. The inclusion of clinically-studied ingredients in Ashwagandha powder ensures the validation of a genuine product.

Avoid Ashwagandha powder that is extracted using alcohol or any hard chemical

You must avoid buying Ashwagandha powder that is extracted using harsh chemicals and other solvents. Only hot water extraction is the best way to extract Ashwagandha powder because it helps in retaining all its nutrients and bioactive compounds. Using alcohol may reduce its essential nutrients and doesn’t let it get the tag of certified organic Ashwagandha root powder.

Withanolide content should be optimum

There are many bioactive compounds in the pure Ashwagandha powder, but withanolide must be optimum because it helps boost immunity. A pure extract of Ashwagandha contains a balanced amount of nutrients and withanolide. Rooted active naturals’ Ashwagandha root contains a 6% withanolide level of Ashwagandha root.

Received from certified and verified sellers

When you see some quality assurance and certifications, you immediately make the mood for buying those certified products. It also gives you an assurance that the company has invested in the best practices. Imagine an Ashwagandha root product that has three certifications; received from a reputed organic Ashwagandha root supplier, certified for active ingredients, and certified for purity (Gluten-Free, Non-GMO). It genuinely impacts your mind while making your decision for buying this Ashwagandha extract product.

All these important tips will help you find the best Ashwagandha product and may fulfill your desired health benefits and requirements.
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