Selected Reasons Why You Should Add the Super Greens Powder to your diet

Selected Reasons Why You Should Add the Super Greens Powder to your diet

The Super Greens powder contains 22 essential nutrients and minerals, a composition of important medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and probiotics, & fruits such as – Spinach, Alfalfa, Spirulina algae, Milk Thistle, Cranberry, Green tea, etc. Unlike other drinks, it is 100% natural with a mint flavor. It contains Digestive enzymes and five super medicinal mushrooms – Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Cordyceps militaris & Oyster. Digestive enzymes are called proteins that help to break down food and support digestion.

Who Can Take?

The Super Greens Powder is ideal for the whole family (kids above 10). It is highly recommended for seniors as it helps to prevent cognitive decline in old age.


The super green, also known as detox powder, is manufactured in a US FDA facility with no GMO, Soy, fillers, etc, is Keto-friendly & 100% Vegan.

Why us?

Rooted Actives is the best platform with detailed product services and requirements. Unlike the rough-tasting super greens powders in the market, we focussed on a potency with super taste. It's a great-tasting mint-flavoured drink that you will love!

Multiple Benefits of Super Greens Powder:

The green powder contains essential minerals such as calcium and potassium, which help to maintain healthy blood pressure. Also, there is a composition of magnesium that allows for protein synthesis and muscle function, which boosts overall heart health. The nutrient-rich super green also contains magnesium which increases blood flow. Spinach, another green component, is rich in nitrates which promotes healthy blood pressure. Nitrates are protein-rich compounds derived from plants.

Super green contains analyzing components and other ingredients like alfalfa, barley, wheat etc. This means that an optimal level of ph levels is maintained. Also, the cleansing alkalizing blend helps in the detoxification of the body and to regulate the metabolism. The PH scale calculates how acidic or alkaline the body is. The body needs to maintain good pH levels. Thereby by taking super greens, the body's PH balance remains maintained. Also, alkalizing Greens & fruits leads to better digestion and boosts metabolism, meaning food will get digested quickly. It also allows the liver to stay healthy.

The super greens powder is rich in spinach which is rich in nitrates hence reducing the impact of the disease. It eliminates toxins and heavy metals and balances the hormones.

The detox powder helps to maintain a healthy weight. Super green is also a powerful protein-rich agent, which means it helps to maintain lean muscle. Lean muscles are healthy muscles with little to no fat in them. The vital function of super green involves controlling the level of craving, which automatically keeps a check on your appetite. When we consume this potent super-green powder, the brain becomes balanced and stops sending hunger signals. As a result, the whole body nourished, and weight loss occurs.

It combines phytonutrients, minerals, and antioxidants, which help to age gracefully. Vitamin E contains antioxidants that protect the cells and care for the internal body. Vitamin B is an energy-leading compound that is a significant body part. On the other hand, Vitamin D is a source of calcium and provides phosphate to the body. This means they are used to keep the bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. With all these properties, super green benefits the whole body. Vitamin C is considered suitable for the skin, so super green promotes healthy and glowing skin. When the body absorbs these nutrients through the super green source, it helps repair tissue and improves the quality of hair and nails.

Why Detoxing Your Body?

In our busy lives, we consume many extra calories and unhealthy food. Once a week, detox is mandated for your body. These Detox Powder are rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can cause damage to cells, illness in the body, aging, and other problems. When food breaks down, it gets congested in the food pipes, leading to the distortion of cells and aging. Also, Super green overall powerful properties can help clean the body and keep the whole body healthy.


The Super Greens powder is designed to provide the body with wholesome nutrition that we typically miss out on in our daily consumption & schedules. It helps to detox, and leads to better metabolism and improved immunity.

Detox your body today with healthy detox powder like super greens powder. Super green has been designed as a purifying agent.

Have a family retreat with simple and easy-to-mix super greens powder.

Enjoy the daily cup of detox powder for nutrition and energy.

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