Why Experienced Dietitians are Recommending Cordyceps Mushroom Extract as a Pre-Workout Supplement

Why Experienced Dietitians are Recommending Cordyceps Mushroom Extract as a Pre-Workout Supplement

The gym and sports supplement market are already flooded with hundreds of pre & post-workout supplements. No one guarantees what exactly is packed inside and what are the side effects you may counter after consuming them.

Pre-workout supplements are meant to provide energy and endurance to boost athletic performance. The biggest con or flaw of consuming these supplements or formulas is that they often contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, excessive caffeine, and some other ingredients that you do not need to maintain good health.

What if you get something completely natural, full of energy, and easy to digest & consume?

Cordyceps militaris mushroom supplement has everything that you need to pump up your body before going to the gym or a daily workout.

Let’s get to the top benefits of the Cordyceps Militaris mushroom extract:

Boosts your efficiency to utilize oxygen in the blood

A study conducted in 2016, a 3-week program, some people were given Cordyceps Militaris extract and recorded a huge improvement in vo2 max, energy, and performance. Vo2 max is a measurement technique to find one’s ability and stamina to perform a physical task. It also measures the maximum amount of oxygen utilized by the blood during the exercise session.

The beta-d-glucans in cordyceps help deliver the best-required oxygen to the cellular system of the body. Ultimately, the super shroom helps the body utilize oxygen more efficiently and enhances blood flow.

May help control diabetes

When your body stops responding to insulin and does not let glucose enter the cells, then the glucose stays, increases, and turns into a health problem called – diabetes. And uncontrolled diabetes for a long time can cause serious health problems. According to a study, Cordyceps Militaris mushroom can help bring blood sugar levels in control.

In a study, data is taken from 22 different old studies, where more than 1700 people participated with chronic kidney disease and they were dosed with cordyceps supplement for 3 weeks. The results were surprising and all of those participants experienced improved kidney functioning.

Even diabetic people can take cordyceps extract supplements as a pre-workout to maintain a healthy physique and regulate their diabetes.

Boosts energy

This is good news for health-conscious people and athletes that Cordyceps can replace their artificial pre-workout drinks. Replacing your regular caffeinated drink with this powerful Cordyceps mushroom supplement can naturally boost your energy and stamina. A study claims that cordyceps has an insane capability of supporting the production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP)[2]. Atp is found to be the primary source of energy in the body and is required to boost the working of our muscles.

Keeps your body fatigue-free

It is very important to keep your body free from fatigue while hitting a gym or workout session. Cordyceps mushrooms’ special agents help your body fight fatigue efficiently while doing intense workouts.

Rooted Active Natural’s cordyceps mushrooms are sourced from organic farms to retain the best quality and original nutrients.
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