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5 Surprising Maitake Mushroom Benefits you might not aware of

5 Surprising Maitake Mushroom Benefits you might not aware of

Also known as the dancing mushroom in Japanese, Maitake is considered an Adaptogen that helps the body fight against mental disorders. But, apart from Adaptogenic properties, Maitake’s benefits are more inclined towards weight management, controlling sugar and cholesterol.

Also nicknamed hen-of-the-woods, the Maitake mushroom offers an earthy aroma and wholesome taste. Highly rich in vitamin d, it belongs to the polypore group of mushrooms with large fruiting bodies. These mushrooms can grow large as 3 feet wide and about 10 pounds.

Maitake mushrooms are packed with bioactive saccharides with the most important D-Fraction, MD fraction, and SX-Fraction. These properties are documented as immune-protecting and antitumor properties.

Maitake mushrooms are also loaded with:

    Vitamin B & C
    Amino acids

Benefits of Maitake mushroom extract:

Diabetes Management

According to clinical trials, a beta-glucan called SX-Fraction has been found beneficial in lowering blood sugar. It helps your body lower blood sugar by activating insulin receptors while reducing insulin resistance.

Weight management: Maitake mushrooms are loaded with micronutrients that are essential for your body to accomplish energy-required tasks. Micronutrients include both vitamins and minerals and both of them are required to maintain your general health, which also includes weight management.

Heart Health

Beta-Glucan in Maitake mushroom is meant to reduce cholesterol, and improve blood flow in your arteries, and overall heart functionality to reduce the risk of heart disease. Maitake mushroom is also loaded with polysaccharides that help reduce bad cholesterol without disturbing the level of good cholesterol in the blood.

Immunity support

Besides heart health and managing diabetes, beta-glucans in Maitake mushrooms help support immunity. The D-fraction polysaccharide in the mushroom may have a strong effect on the immune system. It is also known to boost the production of Lymphokines and Interleukins which helps improve the immune system.

Helps prevent cancer

A 2013 study documented that D-Fraction in Maitake mushrooms could be helpful in preventing and treating breast cancer. Researches show that this mushroom’s properties can fight the growth and reproduction of cancer cells.

According to an earlier study, Maitake’s D-Fraction polysaccharide was found efficient in killing human cancer cells. It was incorporated with a protein that also fights cancer and successfully increased the protein’s effectiveness.

Maitake mushroom may also provide benefits like:

    Maintains blood pressure
    Fights against cold and flu viruses
    Enhances immune function
    Helps improve the side effects of chemotherapy

Some other beneficial facts about maitake mushrooms:

    Low calorie

According to studies, the Maitake mushroom was found more impactful in preventing and treating cancer health conditions than any other medicinal mushroom.

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