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Shiitake Super Mushroom: The Modern Superfood to support Skin & Hair health

Shiitake Super Mushroom: The Modern Superfood to support Skin & Hair health

Shiitake mushroom has become a worldwide hit for its culinary popularity as well as health benefits. Health experts found this mushroom perfect to add to the medicinal mushrooms category when they conducted research and many medical studies on it. Humid conditions in Southeast Asian countries are the most favourable condition to grow Shiitake mushroom.

However, people from all corners of the world have started growing these mushrooms by creating a perfect environment for them. In fact, it has become the largest cultivated edible mushroom in the world. The size of the Shiitake can vary from 2-5 cm and its colour may vary from light to dark brown.

Why shiitake mushroom for skin

Probably you have already been using creams, serums, masks, and many other external-use products to make your skin younger and brighter. But nothing works efficiently if your internal organs are not vitalized properly. Sometimes, even a healthy diet is not enough to make your skin healthy or youthful.

To cope with a similar situation, the shiitake mushroom or its extract may work like a miracle because it contains essential nutrients and bioactive compounds, which you cannot get from your regular food. Shiitake is loaded with copper and beta-glucans that make your blood vessels healthy, resulting in glowing and radiant skin.

Shiitake for Healthy & Shiny Hair

Shiitake contains loads of Vitamin D, Antioxidants, Copper, and Selenium; and they all work together to make your hair healthy from root to tip. The copper helps absorb iron in the blood efficiently, which may result in producing melanin, eventually helping maintain the original colour of your hair (stops from greying).

Shiitake mushroom supplement can be easily incorporated into our recipes

Shiitake is the most popular edible mushroom that tastes amazing and can be easily added to our daily recipes as a supplement. This mushroom can be extracted into powdered form to make a supplement and thus it has become easy to provide it in powdered and capsulated form.

Add it to your coffee: Make your coffee richer & healthier with shiitake extract. Just add a spoon of this mushroom extract and give your brain an extra kick to work faster without jerks and lags.

Mix it in your meal: Shiitake powder or the raw mushroom can be added easily to your daily meal like curry, soup, sautรฉed vegetables, or even bread.

You can use raw Shiitake mushroom to mix it up with your daily vegetables or you can buy rooted activesโ€™ 100% original and organic Shiitake mushroom extract. All of our mushrooms are grown naturally to retain all their original nutrients. You can buy this mushroom extract in the powdered or capsulated form to satiate your daily need or convenience. Here at rooted active naturals, every single lot of mushrooms and herbs is 3rd party lab-tested to ensure quality and authenticity.
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